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VAI's Retail/Max is an integrated retail point-of-sale now available with SYSTEM 2000. With centralized accounting and real-time store access, the product offers all of the traditional point-of-sale options and utilizes SYSTEM 2000's back office applications.

Retail/Max is designed to work with IBM's SureOne cash drawer or any IBM compatible PC or workstation and features credit card authorization, strip printing, pole display, bar coding and cash drawer control. The features of Retail/Max are extensive and include multi-store and multi-sales/clerk tracking, commission reporting, gift certificates, layaways, special pricing plus much more.

To assure complete control at each store level, you can secure program libraries, data files and menu options. Management price overrides can be activated at each point-of-sale terminal and user profiles can be personalized to allow access to specific features and information. You can analyze sales by any variety of criteria including store, salesperson, product line, SKU, customer and customer class at the summary or detail level.

For your e-business requirements, SYSTEM 2000 For The Web is an easy to use e-business application that enables retailers to engage in electronic commerce with their customers. This totally integrated product provides real-time updates to the database and includes a full-featured on-line retail order entry system and an electronic customer support desk.

SYSTEM 2000's Purchasing and Inventory Management applications maintain each store's inventory levels and suggests replenishments directly on-line. With Retail/Max you will know exactly what inventory is available at each store on a real-time basis, enabling you to transfer products from other store locations as required. And with Retail/Max's extensive history recall, you can reconstruct inventory at the store level for any specific time period to assure complete inventory control.

Retail/Max can take your business into the 21st century with ease of use, reliability and the flexibility to provide an exact fit for any retail store operation.

Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Accounting Link to G/L, A/P, and A/R
  • Backorders
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Cash Drawer- Reconciliation
  • Cashier/Clerk Tracking
  • Check Validation
  • Customer Lists and Mailings
  • Customer Name/Address
  • Department-Description Lookup
  • Detailed Item Description
  • Employee and Commission Tracking
  • Gift Certificates
  • Global Discounts
  • Instant Customer Data
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Inter-Store Transfers and Distribution
  • Item Quantity and Price Lookup
  • Layaways and Special Orders
  • Line Item Discounts
  • Multiple Bar Code Methodologies
  • Multiple Sales Clerks
  • Multiple Tax Types
  • Multi-Store Management Tools
  • Non-Inventory Sales
  • Out of Stock Warning
  • Physical Inventory
  • POS Cash Drawer And Receipt Functions
  • POS Summary Reports
  • Preferred Customer Pricing
  • Pricing and Markdowns
  • Purchase Orders, Receiving and Ticketing
  • Reports
  • Sales Order
  • Ship to Name/Address
  • Split Tenders and Credit Cards
  • Stock on Hand, in Transit, on Order
  • UPC# or SKU# Lookup
  • View Inventory at Other Stores

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