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SYSTEM 2000's Manufacturing applications provide everything you need to control all aspects of your business. From work order processing to production scheduling, shop floor control and job tracking, SYSTEM 2000's Manufacturing does it all. In addition, the flexibility of each application will assure an exact fit for any manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing orders can be created for make to order or make to stock transactions. Make to order transactions can be entered directly through sales order entry, where a work order can be personalized by utilizing SYSTEM 2000's product configurator. This progressive feature allows you to totally customize the work order with unlimited features and options. For make to stock transactions, our SYSTEM 2000 Manufacturing orders application allows the user to create work orders for finished assembly or subassembly items. Using SYSTEM 2000's unlimited level bill of materials, each work order created will display the components, subassemblies and manufacturing instructions for the finished product. A manufacturing work order will print routings and a complete bill of materials.

The production scheduling module will alert the user to over scheduling and produce graphs, displays and reports. Scheduling options include work center, department and routing operation and take into consideration committed orders, quotes and forecasted orders. A variety of inquires display open and closed work orders, production history and standard or actual cost analysis. Tracking the work order throughout the manufacturing process is easy using these advanced tools. Completing the work order is simple with SYSTEM 2000's quick entry. Just enter the work order number, routing operation and hours worked to close the order and update the system.

Combining our powerful Customer Service, Inventory Management and Financial Applications with SYSTEM 2000's Manufacturing capability, you will have all the elements for success in any manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing Features
  • Unlimited Level Bill of Materials
  • Price/Quantity Explosion
  • Component Availability
  • Time Line Item Availability
  • Full-Screen Editing
  • Real Time Updating
  • Master Production Schedule
  • Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Routing
  • Manufacturing Work Order Entry
  • Automatic Work Order Creation From Sales Order
  • Flexible Routing Options
  • Bill of Material Edit At Sales Order And Work Order Entry
  • Suggested Purchase Order For Components
  • Standard Work Order Costing
  • Component Usage Inquiry
  • Component And Labor Costing
  • Actual Or Standard Labor Costing
  • Work in Process Tracking
  • Production Inquiry Analysis
  • Suggested Work Order Creation
  • Historical Analysis
  • Reports Work Order Status-In Process/Complete
  • Routing Operations And Bill Of Material Can Be Modified For Special Order
  • Work Orders Linked To Sales Orders
  • Employee Labor Reporting
  • Outside Operations Tracking
  • Lot Control/Tracking
  • Department/Work Order/Routing & Scheduling
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Maintain Standard Hours
  • Scrap Entry & Analysis
  • Machine Efficiency Analysis
  • Tool Tracking
  • Planned Orders
  • Hard/Soft Order Scheduling
  • Substitute Items
  • Pieces Per Hour/Hours Per Piece
  • Primary/Secondary Production Method
  • Component Where Used Inquiry
  • Costed Bill Of Material Inquiry
  • Work Load Analysis
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Material Requirements Reporting
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Cost Comparison Inquiry
  • Cost Comparison Reports


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