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S2K Enterprise Management Software (Millennium Series)

Total software solutions involve more than just one product in the 21st Century. Successful implementations may require integrating advanced technologies like e-business, EDI, RF bar coding, e-mail and remote sales force automation into your information system. And having one level of support to keep your company running smoothly. SYSTEM 2000 meets these criteria and more. With a complete suite of applications for the wholesale, retail and manufacturing industries, the product offers unsurpassed features, unlimited flexibility and world class support.

Careful consideration was given to ease of use. Consequently, the screens are neatly organized, easy to read and are accessible in a windows point and click GUI format. Strictly enforced conventions make the operation predictable, while on-line multi-windowed help text provides an extra level of assurance for ease of operation. But the real level of success lies with our SYSTEM 2000 customers. Satisfying a large and diverse customer base, SYSTEM 2000 can be enhanced to meet each company's requirements.

With SYSTEM 2000's flexible interface, personalized user profile and unlimited user-defined fields option, the system can easily be personalized during installation. For additional enhancements, SYSTEM 2000 can be tailored to meet your exact specifications, while still allowing the latest release features to be applied, keeping you up-to-date with technology advancements.

Taking advantage of the latest AS/400 platform, you can run multiple sessions concurrently including Windows, NT and OS/400, all from one AS/400 server. Best of all, you can count on the AS/400 for security, reliability, and awesome scalability.

SYSTEM 2000 For The Web is now available for all e-business activities. This exciting application includes an electronic storefront for servicing your customers directly on the web. If you are looking for a real life example on how the front end of the system works read this air mattresses reviews site and contact us to show you how the backend looks. From order fulfillment to our electronic customer support desk, SYSTEM 2000 For The Web quickly gets you going with e-business.

Be assured that we will continually enhance our products and services as new technologies emerge to keep your company on the leading edge in the 21st century

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