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Accounting Software - General Ledger

Providing an integrated financial system with world class features for your accounting department is an essential key to success in any business. SYSTEM 2000 meets this objective with a dynamic yet easy to use accounting solution.

Consider the following advantages: All SYSTEM 2000 applications are integrated and automatically posted to the general ledger. SYSTEM 2000's General Ledger numbers are completely user-defined and can be personalized to meet each company's specific requirements.

Balance sheet and profit and loss statements are also user-defined where the formatting method allows for the creation of supporting schedules with each financial statement type. Statements can be created by division class, location and customer class for branch accounting and profit center analysis. Profit and loss statements can be compared to budget or prior year. Balance sheets can show the monthly change in accounting for both the current and prior year.Consolidated statements can be created based on user- defined parameters. Inter-company processing is also supported.With SYSTEM 2000's drill-down capability, you can display unlimited detailed views of the books of original entry for an unlimited user-defined period.

With Accounts Receivable, SYSTEM 2000's on-line cash receipt entry allows the user an unparalleled list of features to simplify the entry of cash receipts. For your credit department, our integrated credit and collection system will dramatically improve your daily collection effort. And with complete flexibility, customer statements can be laser printed and late charges can be calculated automatically for past due invoices.

With SYSTEM 2000's Accounts Payable application, invoices can be entered easily and payment selections can be made on a full screen editor for speed of entry. Accounts Payable has facilities for both manual and computer checks which can be laser printed. With SYSTEM 2000's Accounts Payable to purchase order interface, invoices can be verified by line item for accuracy, ensuring the correct quantities and costs before approving the invoice for payment.

Window into the future with our executive information center. This comprehensive screen will lead you through summary and detail activity at the touch of a key and is a great example of putting technology to work for you in the 21st Century.


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