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SYSTEM 2000 For The Web is a powerful, integrated e-business application designed to support your customers over the Internet. It provides you with the software tools you need to start selling on the Internet, and can be coupled with our comprehensive and fully integrated enterprise management system.

This exciting product provides true Web "store front" processing for business-to-business or business-to-consumer order processing. Your customers can enter orders directly from your Web site and take advantage of features including product searching, ad banners and promotions display, customer sign-in, detailed product descriptions and images, shopping cart status, electronic checkout and credit card authorization. In addition, our web-enabled customer support center will instantly answer your customer's questions regarding account balances, order status and product availability.

SYSTEM 2000 For The Web collects a new order, prepares picking tickets and packing lists, performs credit capture, and books the sale. From there it notifies the shipping system that a pickup is needed and prepares shipping and return labels. With SYSTEM 2000 For The Web you have global, 24-hour access to consumers. You can sell around the world, where you want, when you want, without risk.

You can reduce sale transaction costs while improving customer satisfaction. And track past purchasing activity of shoppers directly on-line. Best of all, transactions entered on the web can update your database real-time, assuring accurate and timely order commitments and credit lines.

The more quickly and efficiently your enterprise incorporates e-business solutions, the more effectively you can begin to reap e-business benefits. Benefits that can provide increased opportunities, dramatic growth and significant profits.

There is no more dynamic area of business today than e-business. It is, quite literally, changing the way all business is done. e-business is the way of the future and is available to your organization today.


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